Being BLACK in America

i support you After publishing my previous blog post, I ran across a story on twitter.  I am drained from this nation’s negative perceptions and treatment of black men.  I am frustrated with the explanations needed by society to validate black men.  I am livid with the way society emasculates black men.  Most of all, I am sick of society expecting black men to separate themselves from other black men, just to be treated like a low class citizen.  Why must they have to DEFEND themselves against racial stereotypes to the police or employers?  Society treats black men as if they have somehow failed to be a PRODUCTIVE member of society!!!

From those that are elected to govern us as a nation, to those that reside in our neighborhoods.   So far, this year has proven to be one of unexplainable proportions of hatred!!!  Why is a person’s skin color more relevant than their accolades?  More important than their character?  Why is the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” ever recited?  Why take in a stray animal but walk pass a homeless person?  Why assume when you can ask?  Why justify hatred/racism?

Analogy:  You live in a city where crime is on the rise.  Keep in mind, the crime in your neighborhood and neighboring businesses do not fall into that category.  Now, do you judge the entire city and just stay indoors?  Or do you attend outings with friends/family, despite the crime in the city?   If you would not judge an entire city due to the rise of crime, why would you judge all black men as if they are a menace to society?  *let that marinate*

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Here is a letter tweeted by Michael Bennett.  * courtesy of twitter*  WARNING… (use of the F word and the N word are visible)




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What are you afraid of??

Good morning.

A young man by the name of Jose Fabian posted his thoughts about DACA and its benefits, on social media.  I must say that I truly enjoyed reading his post.  However, there are some disturbing comments on his post.   People truly spew the most ridiculous things strictly due to ignorance and fear.

I am baffled at the massive fear of another human being seeking opportunities? It truly saddens me to see our country in this mental state of being!! It appears to be easier to be ignorant than to obtain factual information for those that insist on being hateful.   For example, here’s a few of the many unbelievable comments:   WARNING: OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE

~Man so what take yall ass back to Mexico. Why Tf Yall Dont build up your own country. You are taking jobs you are raising taxes. N alot of the immigrants coming over here are criminals running from Mexican police. Build your own country!!!!!!! (facebook user commented)   

~But Let us tell YA’LL the same Because then you start crying with your BLACK LIVES MATTER BULLSHIT (response from facebook user to above comment)

                                                                              ~That’s the truth and the way the laws work. Like it or leave it. Sorry for your luck. Should have filed your papers. (facebook user commented)

                                                                              ~Mexicans ain’t facing no damn Racism Yall swam over here to get mistreated its a major difference. (facebook user commented) 


The GREAT thing about myself is, I welcome ALL opinions!!  Just remember that all OPINIONS are NOT facts!!! Many commenters just saw one thing, DACA. Clearly, they weren’t interested in anything else that he had expressed. I call that selective reasoning. Like their president, they performed the art of distraction. If he had just posted his accomplishments, minus the abbreviation DACA, I wonder what their OPINIONS be then? How did they find a way to do everything other than ADMIRE his tenacity??????

What if your employer told you to cut your hair or change your cologne/perfume? with the explanation being: They are against company policy. Another question, Have you, as an American citizen, ever broken the law? Almost EVERY person in America, has broken a law at some point. (that includes YOU) Were you caught? Did you get away with it? Do you have any friends/family that has broken a law or three? What is Jose’s crime again? Being Hispanic?  Why is being a humanitarian a part time effort?   *let that marinate*

Jose Fabian’s facebook post was shared publicly.  PLEASE READ IT!!!

Amazing delivery performed by a child

NO CAPTIONS NEEDED!!!   This little girl has no fear.  It is clear to me, that she has a future in Veterinarian medicine!!!  Meanwhile, somewhere in the world, a man has fainted in the labor and delivery room!!  lol

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Meanwhile, in other news…..

When I watched this video, I was slightly confused.  In fact, I watched it four different times, just to gain some clarity.  Needless to say, I still don’t understand.  He had NO justifications for arresting her.  The manner in which he went about it, suggested he is ABOVE THE LAW!!

She, Nurse Alex Wubbels, was simply doing her job.  She went so far as to show Officer Jeff Payne, of the Salt Lake City Police department, documents supporting why she could not perform the task of drawing blood from an unconscious patient.  Which was confirmed by an elite staff member via the telephone, as well as visible staff members.    Again expressing to him that it is AGAINST hospital policy.

Seemingly angry, Detective Jeff Payne, practically chased Nurse Wubbels, in order to arrest her.  “Why is she under arrest?” is what her co-workers are asking the detective, while he is roughly putting handcuffs on her.  She can be heard crying and pleading, while other uniformed, police officers there, appear to be of no help to Nurse Wubbels.  She is not only put in unmarked, police vehicle, without any indications as to why she is being ARRESTED.  ~Keep in mind, she has NOT been read her Miranda rights~

*Miranda rights info courtesy of Wikipedia*

The Miranda warning, which also can be referred to as the Miranda rights, is a right to silence warning given by police in the United States to criminal suspects in police custody (or in a custodial interrogation) before they are interrogated to preserve the admissibility of their statements against them in criminal proceedings.

The Miranda warning is part of a preventive criminal procedure rule that law enforcement are required to administer to protect an individual who is in custody and subject to direct questioning or its functional equivalent from a violation of his or her Fifth Amendment right against compelled self-incrimination. In Miranda v. Arizona (1966), the Supreme Court held that the admission of an elicited incriminating statement by a suspect not informed of these rights violates the Fifth Amendment and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel, through the incorporation of these rights into state law.[Note 1] Thus, if law enforcement officials decline to offer a Miranda warning to an individual in their custody, they may interrogate that person and act upon the knowledge gained, but may not use that person’s statements as evidence against him or her in a criminal trial.

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